Enduring power of guardianship

No one likes to think about losing their ability to make decisions, but our experience shows it’s better to be prepared.

An Enduring Power of Guardianship (EPOG) enables you to appoint another person to make personal, lifestyle and treatment decisions on your behalf in circumstances where you are unable to do so.

You should make an EPOG if:

  • you have strong views about how you wish to be cared for; or
  • you wish to nominate a specific person to make those decisions on your behalf.

An enduring guardian could be authorised to make decisions about things such as where you live, the support services you have access to and the treatment you receive.

You may also like to consider an EPOA which would allow your attorney to to manage your property and finances.

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Virginia was very professional, pleasant & helpful in helping my husband & I re-do our wills.
Gail J Macri
June 20, 2022
The service that Clare Fielding provided at Perth Wills Centre was very professional. Her advice and knowledge in the preparation of my Will was greatly appreciated. The whole process of formulating, drafting, reviewing and finalising my Will was completed in one visit. I recommend anyone considering making a Will to contact Clare Fielding at Perth Wills Centre.
June 20, 2022
Great service, very prompt and professional
Mr G
June 17, 2022
Excellent service. Clare was very professional and helpful. Everything was processed quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend this company. Having my will and Survivorship application completed was an easy process when I was going through an emotional fraught period after losing my husband unexpectedly.
Ms S
June 8, 2022
I found Clare’s service in updating my will and completing a Guardianship form to be efficiently and courteously carried out. She answered all my questions satisfactorily.
Jill Maughan
May 29, 2022
The whole process was professionally done and in good time. Advice given was very concise.
Mr L
May 11, 2022


An enduring power of guardianship (EPOG) enables an adult with full legal capacity to appoint another person to make decisions on their behalf about personal, lifestyle and treatment matters.

An EPOG does not authorise another person to manage your financial and property matters.

Your EPOG will only come into effect if you lose the capacity to make decisions for yourself. Your EPOG will not operate while you are still able to make reasonable judgments about your personal, lifestyle or treatment matters.

Please bring the documents and information listed on the Enduring power of guardianship checklist.

By making an EPOG you can authorise a person who you trust to make decisions for you if you lose capacity to make them for yourself.

If you don't have an EPOG and you lose capacity your family members may need to apply to the State Administrative Tribunal for authority to manage your affairs. 

You may only think of making your EPOG as you get older, but don’t leave it too late. You must be of sound mind to make a valid EPOG.

An EPOG can be made by anyone over the age of 18 who has legal capacity. Legal capacity means that the person must be able to understand the nature and effect of the document they are completing.

You may revoke your EPOG at any time when you have legal capacity. 

To revoke your EPOG you should:

  • destroy the original and any copies;
  • sign a Deed of Revocation of EPOG and send a copy to your guardian and anyone else who may have a copy of the EPOG (such as medical institutions).

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