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Testamentary trusts

Under the terms of the simple Will your executor takes charge of the assets of your estate, pays your creditors and forthwith divides the net

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What are mirror Wills?

It is common for those in marriages or de facto relationships of long-standing to make Wills that are in very similar terms.  Each partner executes

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How do you know if a person has capacity to make a Will?

To make a valid Will you (the Testator) must: be at least 18 years of age; understand and approve the nature and effects of making a Will; understand the extent of the property you are disposing of in your Will; understand the claims to which you should give effect (e.g. the moral claims of family); and be of sound mind, memory and understanding.

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Elder abuse and the law

It’s difficult and uncomfortable to define “Elder abuse”. It’s a broad brush term used to define a range of physical, psychological, sexual and financial abuse

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