How often do I need to update my Will?

You can change or update your Will at any time. If you make a new Will your previous Will becomes invalid, but it is best to ensure that your old Wills are destroyed.

Unless your Will states that it is made in contemplation of your marriage or divorce, marriage or divorce will invalidate your Will, so it is crucial to review your estate planning in these circumstances.

Changing your address does not invalidate your Will, but if you or your executor change address, please let us know.

You should review your Will when your circumstances change.

Consider the following:

  • Are your nominated guardians still able to look after your children?
  • Is your executor still capable of looking after your estate?
  • Does your Will still distribute your assets as you wish?
  • Have you married, separated, divorced or entered into a de facto relationship since you wrote your Will?
  • Have you bought or sold property outside of Western Australia?
  • Have you written a Will outside of Western Australia?
  • Have you adopted or fostered a child?
  • Have you sold or given away any property with you have specifically left to a person in your Will?
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